vrijdag 9 november 2007


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Britt-Arnhild zei

Hi Marjon.

Your dolls are just adorable. I am tempted to start a collection right away :-)
Do you sell them? To what prize? Are they original work of yours?

Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me here. I will be back!

Atticbabys zei

She is wonderful Marjon! I love all your art! Great combination of Beauty and Fun!

see you there! zei

Your dolls are so expressive. I'd love to know more about the materials you use.

Congratulations on being chosen by Britt-Arnhild as the Blog of the Week.

Darla - in California, USA

Kitem zei

Bonjour Marjon, I come here from Britt Arnhild, and your blog is really very beautiful, your dolls and all your creation brings me in Dreamland, it's marvellous.